Monday, 2 March 2015

Our Health Check Results

Over December 2014 we took our pulse.  We asked you to complete a quick ‘health check’ survey and let us know how you think our church is going. 

Here’s what you said…

You think that our church is good at Bible focused teaching (86% of you said so), preaching (81% of you think we are good at this) and Bible Study / Growth Groups (68% of you).    This is great news.  Ensuring the Gospel message is at the heart of all our proclamation and teaching is one of our core values.

It’s also fantastic news that 89% of you said that yes, you would bring a friend to church. This was reinforced in the comments.  For example, ‘solid, gospel focused teaching, ‘and, ‘a warm environment for a visitor,’ and ‘I’m proud of our church and want to encourage my friends to become Christians’. 

Having said that, we are falling well short of hitting our goal of doubling in size by the end of 2016.  (That would mean 1,100 people in attendance weekly.)  We need to investigate why we are happy to invite our friends, yet we are a long way from achieving growth targets.

One way we can possibly help is by holding special events to which we can invite people. 48% of you said it would be a good idea to hold events on depression and anxiety.  Well, watch this space – we are planning something on this for the near future.  Other popular suggestions for special event topics were on women, worry and busy life syndrome and more men’s events.

Overwhelmingly, the survey was full of positive comments about our church.  There was of course some constructive criticism – and we thank you for this – we need to hear it and want to continually improve.  There weren’t any key patterns in this – comments varied from looking at how we can become more involved with the local community to how we can make people feel more welcome and including music that is more Christ centred. 

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  Please be assured that your comments are taken seriously by the team. We want to stay focused on our vision of introducing Jesus, changing lives, by regularly reviewing all that we do, so expect some more brief surveys in the future.  

By Stella Brown, Communications Manager

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